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Hotel GDS Benchmark Reports

Written by Patrick Landman @ Xotels on .

Are you benchmarking your hotels GDS performance? Do you know you hotel's GDS market share? Technology is key in revenue management. There are some useful benchmarking tools on the market for hotels you can use to monitor this...

Google enters into Hotel Meta-Search

Written by Patrick Landman @ Xotels on .

Google is entering into hotel meta-search with its latest experiment too show hotel prices on Google Maps. How will this change the hotel and travel industry online and on mobile devices?

Is your hotel on the right distribution channels?

Written by Patrick Landman @ Xotels on .

Are you competing with your competitors on the same distrbution channels? Are there any regional or local websites in other countries that have distribution strength for your destination? On which distribution channels should you be present? Understanding distribution is key in revenue management.

Does your hotel price positioning strategy make sense?

Written by Patrick Landman @ Xotels on .

Reflect your positioning on a matrix. Does your positioning make sense? How often are you more or less expensive than your competitors? Do you take into account your positioning and value offer when deciding of your daily rates? One more element to consider in your hotel revenue management plan.

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