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Evolution of Hotel Pricing

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history_channel_logoToday we decided to take a look back at the history and evolution of pricing in hotels and distribution. A lot, really a lot has changed in hotel revenue management over the last 10 years. It’s funny how quickly we have adapted to all new developments like it has been like this for ever…..

When will hoteliers wake up?

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Jean delivers my newspaper. He comes by on his bicycle early in the morning to drop off his papers. He’s a pleasant guy. He always waves at me in the morning when he sees me. Sometimes he even stops for a chat. I used to get ‘Le Soir’ and ‘De Standaard’. I stopped ‘Le Soir’ last year, trying to save some money.

Opaque Pricing

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We hear a lot of talk about Opaque Pricing and Opaque Travel Websites, but what is it really? It is in short a non-transparent value offer. What??? This needs to be explained in a bit more detail, right? Another arrow in the quiver for your revenue management plan.

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