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Dynamic Pricing in Hotels

on_the_brink_of_revolution_-_dynamic_pricing_in_hotels_-_by_xotelsOn the Brink of Revolution !

Sunday afternoon, a few clouds are setting over the terrace, a perfect time to put down on paper some thoughts on ‘dynamic pricing’ in hotels. Following the news lately I have come to think that we are on the brink of the dynamic pricing revolution in hotel revenue management ...

20 Questions to ask before redoing your website

StuckXotels Website Design on increasing the number of unique visitors to your website? Still facing conversion ratios below 1 percent on your own website? You r website needs a serious makeover? Looking to integrate a social media strategy and a blog into your website? Think before you start.
Here’s a list of 20 questions and tips that you should ask yourself before redoing your hotel website design:

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