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How to Run a Professional Hotel Blog

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hotel_blogThere seems a lot of disagreement if blogging is still effective in the days of micro-blogging sites like Twitter and age of social media like FaceBook. At Xotels we have been managing hotel blogs, and are achieving good results through a well thought out strategy. And this is the key for hotel internet marketing; you need a plan to get somewhere.

Xotels adds Flagship Property to its Hotel Management Portfolio

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hotel_londres_san_sebastianOur international hotel management portfolio of outsourced marketing and distribution is growing steadily. Our ‘Rent a Revenue Manager’ program was launched only last year, and we already have 15 properties under contract. The recent addition of the Hotel de Londres y de Ingleterra, a 4 star hotel in San Sebastian Spain, is very exciting to us. It will be a leading flagship property for Xotels.

How serious do hotels take Guest Feedback?

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Hotel_Guest_FeedbackHaving travelled a lot in the last month I have been observing some great differences in the levels with which hotels are looking for feedback from their guests. Some hotels simply do not seem to care, others have it a review score card implemented as a systematic part of their operations, few however really ask me for my opinion and make me feel they really care…

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