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Hotels Wanted, Dead or Alive

Written by Patrick Landman @ Xotels on .

hotel_management_by_xotelsXotels is looking for hotels, which want to improve RevPAR, reduce travel agency commission costs, increase direct sales, increase GOPPAR and generate more profit through effective hotel management. Does your hotel fit the profile?

How to build a Hotel Pricing Matrix

Written by Patrick Landman @ Xotels on .

Hotel Pricing MatrixNow that we have our demand calendar, how do we start with pricing? We have found it effective, before setting a base price for each day, to develop a pricing grid. Such a hotel pricing matrix is an essential revenue management tool.

Hotel SEO Success Story

Written by Patrick Landman @ Xotels on .

on_the_airBesides consulting and executing revenue management for our hotel clients we have also been working on hotel internet marketing, search engine and website design with them. We wanted to share with you this week one of our hotel SEO success stories. The numbers and results speak for themselves …

Hotel Sales Managers are too Weak

Written by Patrick Landman @ Xotels on .

hotel_sales_managers_are_too_weekOver the last 4 years we have trained thousands of hoteliers around the world in revenue management and distribution. All have made the same remarks; the travel industry is too price driven, the competition is driving down the price of the market. My question; what are you doing about it?

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