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How to Make Career in the Hotel Industry

Written by Patrick Landman @ Xotels on .

How to Make Career in the Hotel IndustryAs a result of our hotel industry blog, many people reach out to me asking for advice on how to start or advance ones career. I notice that many hoteliers and hospitality management students are not sure where to start.

In all honesty, you can start anywhere. Start at the bottom, and work hard. Work your way up by impressing upon your peers and superiors. Find an area of the industry that speaks to you, and roll up your sleeves ...

How to Avoid Negative Guest Reviews Online

Written by Patrick Landman @ Xotels on .

Avoiding negative reviewsNo matter how much you are on top of your game, and how hard you try, sometimes things simply do not go as planned. No worries, it is natural that mistakes or mishaps happen from time to time.

The question is what are you doing about it? How are you handling the situation to avoid getting a negative review online. You need a good hotel reputation management plan to deal with such situations. Do you stick to just the basics or do take it to another level?

Cake, Soup, Flowers and a Goldfish | Taking Up-Selling in Hotels to the level of Art

Written by Patrick Landman @ Xotels on .

upselling in hotels in an art.png

It's revenue management utopia to work with a general manager and operations team with true passion for up selling. I am not talking about simply offering better room categories to guests. These hoteliers are taking it to the level of art in trying to increase guest spending by an extra euro here and there. Read on and be inspired by this unique hotel story.

If You Don’t Have a Blog, Your Hotel Website is Dead !

Written by Patrick Landman @ Xotels on .

your hotel website is dead

I can’t even begin to count the number of times I have heard hoteliers mention in our revenue management seminars that they need to get more direct business, preferably through their own hotel website. Of course this is something we all want for our hotels. We all well know that direct-sales brings a higher margin to the bottom line, than reservations through commissionable third party distributors like OTA or low net rate wholesalers and tour operators. But then why are so many hotel websites still static?

Pre-Opening a Hotel? Don’t forget you need guests! (part 1)

Written by Patrick Landman @ Xotels on .

hotel pre-openingThe pre-opening phase of a new hotel is both a big challenge and a great opportunity at the same time.  We are currently going through and preparing for the opening of new hotels in various destinations throughout Europe, and are working hard to avoid common mistakes made in this process. We have listed some of our hotel pre-opening tips below.

Hotels need to be more Disruptive

Written by Patrick Landman @ Xotels on .

Disruptive Hotel Business ModelsThe most effective way to be really successful in business is by challenging the status quo. Especially in a highly saturated industry like hotels, to compete and outperform the market you need a disruptive business model which delivers on a level competition cannot reach. There are many options to disrupt your local hotel market ...

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