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A new Methodology to Hotel Revenue Management @ ITB Berlin 2017

How can you keep property stakeholders easily and well informed about overall property trends and decisions that revenue managers make? This is one of the main questions we tried to answer when giving shape to our vision, based on which we started building Hotel Scienz.  And we are bringing answers to this question -and to other industry challenges-  with our revenue management solution that we’ll exhibit at ITB Berlin 2017.

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Case Study: 10 Years Revenue Management Outsourcing at XotelsAs Xotels exists 10 years this year, we wanted to share with you what it has been like. But rather sharing our own story, we think it would be much more interesting to share you what it has been like from the perspective of our longest client. The ultimate revenue management outsourcing and consulting case study if you will. The very first client for our revenue management outsourcing services was La Bergère Group, and they are still with us after 10 Years of Xotels.

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