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Whenever we use the word outsourcing in the hotel industry we get a bit of a strange reaction. Too many hoteliers there is a kind of negative feeling or aversion towards this word. Why? What is wrong with it? Why is it scary? Let’s look at it from the other side, what advantages come along with outsourcing.

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Many hoteliers that are part of a hotel franchise complain about their representation company. The fees and costs are astronomically high, there are many rules to adhere to, and not enough freedom for own marketing initiatives. More and more hotels resort to outsourcing to experts in hotel distribution and marketing to fill their rooms and other alternatives, achieving astonishing results. Hence the franchise model as we know it is dead.

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A demand calender is the first step before budgeting, and it will also help you make informed pricing decisions based on solid data and statistics. It is a yearly roadmap to build your revenue management strategy. It demonstrates historical demand patterns matching them with future events.  Sounds nice, right? But what are we talking about …

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