Case Study: 10 Years of Revenue Management at Xotels

Case Study: 10 Years Revenue Management Outsourcing at XotelsAs Xotels exists 10 years this year, we wanted to share with you what it has been like. But rather sharing our own story, we think it would be much more interesting to share you what it has been like from the perspective of our longest client. The ultimate Revenue Management outsourcing outsourcing and consulting case study if you will. The very first client for our Revenue Management outsourcing services was La Bergère Group, and they are still with us after 10 Years of Xotels.

Innovative Revenue Management Solution presented @ WTM 2016 by Xotels

Hotel Scienz - Revenue Management Dashboard by XotelsAre you still using Excel spreadsheets for your revenue management? Is a revenue management system too expensive? The times of endless building of Excel sheets and yielding manually are of the past! In our ever evolving digital world and the continuously improving technology it is easier and more affordable than ever to stay up to date. 

Hotel Revenue Management Glossary launched by Xotels

blauw merkbeeld standaard xotelNot long time ago Xotels celebrated 10 years. Ten years of successful business in Hotel Revenue Management, turning our partner Hotels into ‘bestsellers’. We advice, we manage, we calculate, we analyze, we represent, we sell. We evaluate your numbers and drive your revenue, we set up strategies, we push your sales and we improve your marketing strategies. We train your staff, we build your website, we optimize your search engines, we turn your properties into top accommodations.

Blending Traditional Swiss Hospitality and Revenue Management

Hotel Bernina 1865 - Revenue Management by XotelsAlmost 10 years into our adventure with Xotels, it still gives me a kick when we get a new hotel on board. We have are now almost hitting 40 properties with our portfolio, and it is still as exciting as when we got our first revenue management client. This time it is a new market for us, Switzerland. Yes, we are now moving into the territory of traditional Swiss hospitality.

Internship Success Stories @ Xotels

pointBoth my business partner Remko West and I started of our careers via internships during our studies at Hotelschool Maastricht in the Netherlands. It is the perfect stepping stone from the college environment into the real live working place. Hence at Xotels we have kept the tradition of trainees joining our ranks, to gain hands on knowledge and experience. We would like to share some of their personal experiences and success stories with you.

Xotels expands hotel portfolio into Africa with the Dhow Inn Zanzibar

dhow inn logo

It was merely a matter of time before we would also enter into the African hospitality industry. We have been getting a lot of request over the last few years to bring our revenue management outsourcing services to this continent.

As always we have been waiting for the right opportunity. And with the Dhow Inn at Paje Beach in Zanzibar we are now embarking on an exciting journey.

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