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What is the meaning / definition of Walk in the hospitality industry?

Sometimes, even though a hotel accepts a reservation from an individual, couple, family or group, it cannot actually accommodate them when they arrive on the agreed date! This is usually due to the hotel having full capacity at that time, confusion over a booking, or through the hotel utilising its Sell Through option. But, the good news for prospective guests, is that all may not be lost; at least, not quite yet!


What is the meaning / definition of Wholesaler in the hospitality industry?

A Wholesaler is a 3rd party organization that sells hotel room nights. Wholesalers are companies that buy rooms in bulk then sell them to travel agents and OTAs, allowing hotels to generate more sales. Wholesalers are operating in the B2B segment, meaning they do not sell directly to the public but to other 3rd party sites and distribution channels.

What is the meaning / definition of ‘Workcation’ in the hospitality industry?
The term ‘Workcation’ is formed by blending the words ‘Work’ and ‘Vacation’.
By combining business and leisure travel (also known as Bleisure), people can combine work trips and vacation as a chance to explore new and exciting places whilst being away for work.
Example: The office sends you abroad, and you invite your partner along to get the most out of your that has been already paid by the company.
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Synonyms: Bleisure, Bizcation

What is the meaning / definition of Worldspan in the hospitality industry?

Worldspan is a company providing worldwide electronic distribution of travel information, internet products, connectivity and e-commerce capabilities for travel agencies and other travel service providers, such as hotels.

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