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AGM - Annual General Meeting

What is the meaning / definition of Annual General Meeting in the hospitality industry?

A Annual General Meeting (AGM) is a gathering that is held every year to discuss the issues and concerns, the proposed solutions and goals facing a business or hotel in the upcoming year. It is also in this meeting that improvements are made and budgets are formed.

This meeting is done with higher management, like a General Manager, a CEO, and/or the hotel's owner(s) of the hotel. The General Manager commonly goes over the goals of last year’s general meeting first, then explains the proposed goals for upcoming year. The meeting is usually held at the end of a hotel's fiscal year, rather than the end of a calendar year.

Synonyms: AGM
AGOP - Adjusted Gross Operating Profit

What is the meaning / definition of Adjusted Gross Operating Profit (AGOP) in the hospitality industry?

AGOP stands for: Adjusted Gross Operating Profit

AGOP is the figure that is found by subtracting "hotel base management fees" from the "gross operating profit".

Synonyms: AGOP, Adjusted Gross Operating Profit
All Inclusive Hotel

What is the meaning / definition of All Inclusive Hotel in the hospitality industry?

All inclusive hotels incorporate more than solely the price of a room into the price per night, but also three meals per day (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner), services and activities. Although every hotel is different and may or may not include other service like alcohol, airport transfers, rooms service and specific activities and services, it is a safer way for travellers to budget their expected expenses when travelling.

All Inclusive Resort

What is the meaning / definition of All Inclusive Resort?

An all-inclusive resort is a holiday resort, which, as the name already states, has everything included in the price.


What is the meaning / definition of Allocation in the hospitality industry?

In the hotel industry, allocation describes the process of selecting a number of rooms and making them available for sale. A hotel manager may choose to allocate only a limited amount rooms towards sales in order to have them available for sale when expecting higher revenues at a later period.


What is the meaning / definition of Allotment in the hospitality industry?

The term Allotment is used in the Hotel industry to designate a certain block of pre-negotiated rooms which have been bought out and held by a third party (such as a travel organiser, wholesaler, tour operator, hotel consolidator, travel agent, OTA).

ALOS - Average Length of Stay

What is the meaning / definition of Average Length of Stay in the hospitality industry?

ALOS stands for Average Length of Stay. It is the average amount of days guests stay at the hotel during a particular period.

Synonyms: ALOS, Average Length of Stay

What is the meaning / definition of Amadeus in the hospitality industry?

Amadeus is a Computer Reservation System (CRS) or better a Global Distribution System (GDS).
It refers to the reservation tool travel agents use when making an air, hotel, car or other travel service booking.
Amadeus is the leading GDS for the travel industry.

Apartment Hotel / Aparthotel

What is the meaning / definition of Apartment Hotel or Aparthotel?

Also known as a Residential Hotel or Extended Stay Hotels; an apart hotel is a type of hotel that has long-term housing for guests, but may still have hotel services like housekeeping and on-site dining. Apartment hotels usually include a full kitchen and one or more bedrooms.

Synonyms: apartment hotel, aparthotel, apart hotel

What is the meaning / definition of Apollo in the hospitality industry?

Apollo is (similar to Amadeus) a Global Distribution System (GDS) operated by Galileo International (owned by Travelport). 

ARG - Average Rate per Guest

What is the meaning / definition of Average Rate per Guest in the hospitality industry?

ARG stands for: Average Rate per Guest

Total room revenue divided by the number of guests.

Synonyms: ARG, Average Rate per Guest
ARI - Average Rate Index

What is the meaning / definition of ARI in the hospitality industry?

ARI stands for: Average Rate Index.

It is a Hotel KPI that measures the performance of their ADR compared to their comp set during the same period (competitive set: a group of other hotel brands and competitor that have a similar target market and concept).

Synonyms: Average Rate Index, ARI
ARR - Average Room Rate

What is the meaning / definition of ARR in the hospitality industry?

ARR stands for: Average Room Rate.

It is a hotel KPI which measures the average rate per available room - similarly to ADR.

Synonyms: Average Room Rate, ARR
Asset Management

What is the meaning / definition of Asset Management in the hospitality industry?

Asset Management is the systematic process of developing, operating, maintaining, upgrading and disposing of assets cost-effectively. An asset is any resource owned by a business.

ATR - Average Treatment Rate

What is the meaning / definition of ATR in the hospitality industry?

ATR stands for: Average Treatment Rate

This ATR formula is mainly used for Spa Operations (either independently or within a hotel). It calculates the average rate and it is varied on different treatment packages as well as on the demand / occupancy of the spa booking rate.

Synonyms: Average Treatment Rate, ATR

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