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We Create Extraordinary Hotel Concepts

Xotels is an international hotel consulting and management firm with extensive experience in the development of new hotel concepts. As a boutique interior design and architecture agency we create unique hospitality and lodging concepts.

Our multidisciplinary team of hotel designers and architects can help you create that special place, where travelers feel at ease, and don’t want to leave anymore. Our mission is to take people on a journey of imagination and comfort by putting life into spaces. Each project requires its own identity and character, merging new ideas with local influences.

We approach each assignment as a partnership of shared passion, creating dreams together.

Besides developing and creating your new hotel concept, our global team of hotel experts provides and integral option of services. We can manage your project from front to end, including planning the opening and take charge of the operations.

Here some of the hotel projects we have worked on, ranging from city boutique hotels, small luxury resorts, small exclusive island retreats, modern budget hotels, to bed & breakfasts and youth hostels.

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