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Looking to invest in hotels and generate a solid ROI? Xotels is an international Hotel & Resort Investment Company and raises capital to invest in independent hotels. We concentrate on innovative and competitive hospitality projects.

We deliver a high ROI for our investment partners, diving above market returns on their equity investments. We currently have hotel investment opportunities available in:

point 30 Europe: Spain, Portugal, Andorra, ItalyFranceBelgium, the Netherlands

point 30 USA: New York, Miami, Washington DC, Boston, Philadelphia, New Orleans

point 30 Asia Pacific: South East Asia, Indonesia, Coral Triangle, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia

Raising capital and financing for hotel projects, we work together with private equity investors, family offices, institutional funds, venture capital and crowdsourcing platforms. Together with our hotel management and design teams, we create a unique hospitality concept. We run and develop different kind of hotels, ranging from boutique lifestyle hotels to modern budget hotels, youth hostels and luxury bed & breakfasts.

If you are interested to invest in hotels or resorts, the finance and hospitality consultants with international experience at Xotels can advise you on opportunities that will bring you above market returns.

Xotels, for a new breed of hotel investors.

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