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We are a unique revenue management consulting company, providing outsourcing services for independent hotels. We are managing a global portfolio of inspiring and innovative hotel concepts, funky budget hotels, lifestyle and boutique hotels, amazing classic hotels, and luxury resorts. We have but one focus, and that is bringing the result to hotels!

We optimize hotel revenues with our inhouse developed best practices, as well as our proprietary revenue management system. We think out of the box and are always looking for creative ways to turn our properties into market leaders.

We currently manage a portfolio of over +80 hotels and resorts.

Below the hospitality job openings and vacancies, we currently have in our Barcelona office:


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  • Boutique Guesthouse Host

    Boutique Guesthouse Host

    • Location: Barcelona
    • Languages: fluent in English and Spanish (more languages is a plus)
    • Previous Front Office or F&B experience preferred
    • Must be EU citizen or have work permit

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