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Central Reservation System for Hotels

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The Latest Distribution Technology to Drive More Sales !

Our innovative Hotel CRS is based on next-generation distribution technology, and is one of the most innovative central reservation system for hotels on the market.

It has a wide range of functionality and modules to distribute your hotel over a mutlitiude of channels including your hotel website, GDS and IDS. The system's dashboard has been developped to work on desktop, tablet and mobile, giving you a responsive back-end control panel. If you are really looking for the most innovative and best of breed in hotel central reservation systems in the hotel industry, you must take a look at the Xotels' Hotel CRS.

Here are some of the modules and features of which our hotel CRS system consists:

Hotel Reservation System by Xotels

Customizable CRS Admin

  • Flexible configuration that allows us to accommodate each property’s unique features
  • Configurable features allow each property to view only the options they need and are relevant to them
Hotel Reservation System by Xotels

Chain-level features

  • Provide chains and franchise companies with the ability to deploy chain-wide efforts
  • Property-level configuration can be cloned to keep chain standardization
  • Chain or Corporation can determine property-level access and features
Hotel Reservation System by Xotels

Responsive UI Design

  • We provide different User Interfaces to respond to the guest wherever he decides to meet you
  • Beautifully designed website booking engine in HTML and flash
  • User Interfaces for mobile, tablet, and Facebook
  • Mobile and tablet applications for the Hotel Manager
Hotel Reservation System by Xotels

Marketing & Social Media

  • Social Proof: Telltales™ allows hotels to gather, curate and display social content for marketing efforts, including the booking process
  • Facebook: Allow guests to complete the entire booking process without leaving your Facebook page. Tracking and reporting for this new sub-channel is provided
  • Email Marketing: Transactional messaging based on customized conditions


Affordable Revenue Management Software

HotelScienz by Xotels Get a Demo!

Hotel Reservation Software by Xotels

Business Intelligence

  • Competitor Analysis from multi-channel data
  • Identification of pricing trends that are relevant to your property
Hotel Reservation Software by Xotels

Property Set-Up & Management

  • Implementation and maintenance of the Windsurfer CRS is web based and flexible to meet your needs
  • Effective Dashboard views allow the user to gain access to the most relevant information quickly and effectively
  • With 4 different configurable Rate Modes, each property will be able to adopt and maintain the best revenue strategy for their situation
  • Changes occur in real time for all channels, allowing the hotel to maximize exposure and market share
Hotel Reservation Software by Xotels


  • The CRS currently supports interfaces to a variety of the most widely used Property Management Systems
  • PMS Interfaces include support of Dynamic Packaging
  • Two-way reservation synchronization support allows reservation retrieval from your Property Management System into the Windsurfer Call Center application
Hotel Reservation Software by Xotels



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