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Central Reservation System for Hotels - CRS

Our innovative Hotel CRS is based on next-generation distribution technology, and is one of the most innovative central reservation system for hotels on the market. If you are really looking for the most innovative and best of breed in hotel central reservation systems in the hotel industry, you must take a look at the Xotels Hotel CRS.

It has a wide range of functionality and modules to distribute your hotel over a multitude of channels including your hotel website, GDS and IDS and give you precise KPI data including reputation score and competitor rate shops. The system's dashboard has been developed to work on desktop, tablet and mobile, giving you a responsive back-end control panel.

Xotels pointer white Customizable CRS Admin

  • Flexible configuration that allows us to accommodate each property’s unique features
  • Configurable features allow each property to view only the options they need and are relevant to them

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Xotels pointer white Responsive UI Design

  • We provide different User Interfaces to respond to the guest wherever he decides to meet you
  • Beautifully designed website booking engine
  • User Interfaces for mobile, tablet, and Facebook
  • Mobile and tablet applications for the Hotel Manager

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Xotels pointer white Marketing & Social Media

  • Allows hotels to gather, curate and display social content for marketing efforts, including the booking process
  • Facebook: Allow guests to complete the entire booking process without leaving your Facebook page. Tracking and reporting for this new sub-channel is provided
  • Email Marketing: Transactional messaging based on customized conditions

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Xotels pointer white Business Intelligence

  • Competitor Analysis from multi-channel data
  • Identification of pricing trends that are relevant to your property

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Xotels pointer white Property Set-Up & Management

  • Implementation and maintenance of the Xotels CRS is web based and flexible to meet your needs
  • Effective Dashboard views allow the user to gain access to the most relevant information quickly and effectively
  • With 4 different configurable Rate Modes, each property will be able to adopt and maintain the best revenue strategy for their situation
  • Changes occur in real time for all channels, allowing the hotel to maximize exposure and market share

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Xotels pointer white Interfaces

  • The CRS currently supports interfaces to a variety of the most widely used Property Management Systems
  • PMS Interfaces include support of Dynamic Packaging

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Xotels pointer white Connectivity

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  • NL +31 208 084 756
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  • FR +33 184 884 082
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