The Xotels Methodology

To improve the REVPAR ad GOPPAR of our client’s hotels we use a strategic methodology. We implement unique developed best practices, best of breed hotel industry technology and a rudimentary structure to set the stage for solid revenue growth.

We focus on the following key areas to drive the success of your property:

  • Revenue Management
  • Distribution
  • Internet Marketing
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Hotel Website Design
  • Hotel Management & Operations

Revenue Management

Through a series of proven techniques we will optimize the financial results of your hotel or resort. Key action points include:

  • Evaluation of the main competitors
  • Benchmarking of rates over a year period
  • Adopt a healthy market segmentation for the hotel
  • Creation of demand calendar
  • Assist with the annual budgeting process
  • Develop a forecasting model for the hotel
  • Creation of pricing grid with a transparent public rate structure
  • Set strategic pricing for negotiated, corporate and group rates

We will basically handle all Revenue management tasks on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Hotel Distribution

Performing an analysis of the competitive distribution landscape of your destination we will determine which channels will be suitable for your property. Key action points include:

  • Distribution audit (online & offline)
  • Channel content optimization
  • Channel contracting
  • Channel promotions
  • Channel management

With these action steps we will improve conversion of your current online and offline channels. And to expand your reach, exposure and demand we will be adding new key distribution channels for your hotel.

Hotel Sales Representation

Our team of international sales managers can help your hotel negotiate FIT, Tour Operator and Corporate contracts with distributors and buyers from around the world. We will bring you the business from countries you cannot reach yourself directly.

Hotel Internet Marketing

The best sales are of course direct sales. Exclusively for our clients we offer strategic hotel SEO services to improve their positions for core keywords on search engines. We focus on keyword selection, content optimization and landing page definition to improve the relevance of your hotel within its destination.

Online Reputation Management

In the era of online guest reviews reputation is everything. People choose their hotel based on its reputation or review score on OTA and review websites. We will assist you in improving your review scores structurally by effectively managing guest feedback and setting up internal procedures to increase guest satisfaction.

Social Media Marketing

Creating original content about your destination on a dedicated blog we are creating a virtual concierge for your hotel. We can in turn use this content to diffuse through social media networks. We will work the ripple effect and grow the social sphere of influence of your hotel in such a way that your property will become an authority within its destination.

Hotel Website Design

The user experience is fundamental in the success of your hotel website. Search engines use it as a key component of their optimization algorithms. For our hotel clients we develop ‘sticky’ hotel websites with optimized navigation. Visitors will stay on your website and look at the product you are offering. And an optimized reservations path will lead to increased conversion.

Hotel Management & Operations

We can place one of our hotel managers on site to run the operations of the property. By outsourcing the daily management and running of the hotel to our lodging experts your are guaranteed a tight cost control and implementation of high service standards, key elements to your success.

As you can see we deliver an all round package of strategic hotel management services. Our proven methodology has lead to great results for many hotels.

So the question is, are you ready to invest and bring in the experts to truly improve the financial results of your hotel?

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