We are excited to announce that Mews PMS System and Xotels are collaborating to drive hospitality revenue management to the next level! Hotel Scienz Revenue Management Software is developed by Revenue Managers, for hoteliers. And we are actively building PMS interfaces. 


Today, we are announcing the final piece of the puzzle getting Hotel Scienz integrated with one of the hottest cloud-based PMS offering out there – the Mews Commander PMS.

Did you know that the 90 percent of the world’s hotel properties still don’t use a professional  revenue management solution despite the substantial revenue increase that it produces? And that the main reason behind is the belief that it is too difficult to handle? It is true that to run a professional revenue management strategy and execution, takes hundreds of pricing decisions, but the good news is that the entire process can be automated to help hoteliers to make not just better but also faster decisions.

At Xotels, we are committed to help independent hotels and resorts, youth hostels, bed & breakfast and campings on having the right and affordable resource to understand their own data, and to be able to manage their strategy of revenue management more effectively. This is the reason why HotelScienz was developed. Thanks to our revenue management software there is no need to understand complex statistics and scientific data because HotelScienz does it for you.

Xotels’ dynamic and affordable Hotel Scienz revenue management tool has been helping to boost yield across a vast range of properties, from luxury inner-city boutique hotels to youth hostels to beach and ski resorts.

The HotelScienz dashboard provides you with an overview of the most important KPIs, the pick-up, demand trends and the forecast; and the data is presented in easy-to-read graphs, charts and tables. As result of its algorithm calculations, it shows demand curves and price recommendations. And least but not last, it supports internal communication with the team and all stakeholders with a daily sales / pick-up report email, and month-end reports.

“We love finding ways to make our hotels more revenue and Xotels has been a leader in that very field with their ability to boost yield at hotels using smart revenue management algorithms,” says Mews Systems Founder, Richard Valtr. “It makes so much sense for us to be collaborating with the team at Xotels as, like us, they are passionate about upending the status quo and building dynamic cloud-based technology that is actually accessible. We are excited to be integrating them into the burgeoning family of apps that our PMS is able to offer to properties of all shapes and sizes.”

“Our growing management portfolio and our non-stop search for continuously improving technology has led us to the conclusion that the best way to move forward is to partner with companies that are experts leaders at their niche to develop together the final product that can completely satisfy our customers. We are working with the Mews PMS in various hotels in different countries, and our revenue managers love the agility of this cloud based system. It provides very good options to implement a dynamic and complex yield strategy.” Remko West, founder of HotelScienz and Xotels says.