What started out as a hotel consulting and training company has now become a hotel management company. Xotels has signed yet another hotel management outsourcing contract, expanding its European portfolio.

Patrick Landman co-founder of Xotels states, ‘It has always been our intention to manage hotels. We signed our first hotel management contract back in 2007. Our portfolio has been steadily growing over the last few years and now includes properties in the Netherlands, Belgium and Spain. ‘

Townhouse Hotel MaastrichtRemko West, the other co-fouder of Xotels, adds: ’Townhouse hotel in Maastricht is yet another original hotel concept we will be managing. This design boutique hotel in the Netherlands, has the potential to become a market leader. The management has outsourced all revenue management and distribution to Xotels in order to improve the results substantially. Targets are high. But we live for these kind of challenges’.

Remko continues ‘The service we provide is unique. We focus on reaching an optimal Distribution mix. Unlike traditional representation companies, who target to increase volume through the CRS, iDS OTA and the hotels own website. Xotels aims to optimize revenue and profit on all channels. We build brand value for individual hotels, in ways that are new to the hotel industry ‘

Patrick Landman finishes, ‘It seems the word of the results we are delivering for our clients is spreading like wildfire. We are getting requests from areas we did not specifically market to. Currently we are in talks to take on properties in Greece, Saudi Arabia and the United States.‘