Revenue Management Tools - the Ultimate Toolkit

revenue management tools

It would be interesting to compile a list with the tools that a revenue manager should have his disposal. Let’s call it the ultimate Hotel Revenue Management Toolkit. We have done some digging through our revenue management excel spreadsheets reports, yield tools, systems and technology and came up with quite an extensive list of tools and gadgets a revenue managers requires to do his job well.

Here we go,

the ultimate revenue manager toolkit ... 



Market Intelligence

Technology / Systems

Quite a list we put together already. Do you have any more suggestions? What else do you need as a Revenue Manager to be able to do your job / yield well? Please add your ideas and comments below ...

We have only looked at what you need as a revenue manager. Next step is to put a check-list together, with daily, weekly and monthly tasks.

Look forward to your ideas!


Patrick Landman @ Xotels

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