• Townhouse

    Impulsamos los ingresos de su hotel

    Para una nueva generación de hoteleros …
  • Londres

    Hotel de Londres, San Sebastian

    30% Crecimiento de REVPAR en 2 años
  • Ribera Triana

    Hotel Ribera de Triana, Sevilla

    Reposicionado sin marca: 10% crecimiento de ingresos ...
  • Es Moli

    Hotel Es Moli, Mallorca

    35% Crecimiento de REVPAR en 2 años
  • Qbic Hotel Amsterdam

    Qbic Hotel Amsterdam WTC

    33% Crecimiento de REVPAR en 2 años
  • Townhouse

    Townhouse Maastricht

    23% Crecimiento de REVPAR en 2 años
  • Pantone

    Pantone Hotel Bruselas

    23% Crecimiento de REVPAR en 2 años
  • Secret Paris

    Hotel Secret de Paris

    10% Crecimiento de ingresos en 1 año
  • Student Hotel

    The Student Hotels

    Pre-Apertura y Posicionamiento

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Hotel Management Company

The Xotels group is a creative force in hotel management.

Our hotel management company turns around independent hotels to outperform their competition and become market leaders.

We believe in the individual character and unique customer experience of the independent hotel. With an online market place driven by reputation and guest reviews, the success of an innovative local property can be leveraged to gain global reach and exposure.

We manage a portfolio with a wide variety of top performing hotels, ranging from small boutique hotels, luxury resorts to regional groups, local companies or international firms.

Our team of hotel management experts specializes in:

We are result driven and will uncover the hidden revenue potential of your property.

Do you want your hotel to become a marker leader?


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 UK +44 203 608 0381
 BE +32 280 86 345
 ES +34 931 641 801
 FR +33 184 884 082
 US +1 202 888 0150

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