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Looking for that hostel consulting company which can give your hostel that competitive edge? Xotels is a game changer in hospitality consultancy. With our business development DNA, and creative insight we drive results for independent hostels and starting hotel groups. 

Forget about the traditional hotel industry approach, and turn your hostel into a winning success story. We strive to challenge the status quo and established order with our best practices and proven strategic methodology. Whether you need help, developing and rolling out a new creative hostel concept, turning around an underperforming property, or groom your results before selling of your hostel.

Xotels is a firm believer you can drive a more healthy return on investment with a unique product and amazing guest experience, over the conventional hostel franchise chain branding route. Keeping up with the latest developments and solutions in hostel distribution and online travel marketing can be challenging, with the landscape changing so quickly. Our hostel strategy specialists are here to change your hostel into a market leader.

We will assist you in setting the right priorities and focus on action steps that generate an effective ROI with your hostel real estate asset. With our consultancy services we help you turn the tide in your hostel and drive up your financial results.

Our international hotel consultant team specializes in:

And don't think for a moment this cannot be applied in your hostel property. We manage a diverse international portfolio of top performing hotel companies, ranging from independent boutique hotels, luxury design hotels,  beach & ski resorts, innovative hotel concepts, aparthotels, vacation rental properties, tourist apartment blocks, regional hotel firms, and even small country side / rural hotels, modern budget hotels, trendy youth hostels, hip bed & breakfasts, camping sites and holiday parks.

With proven techniques, our consultants will help you uncover the hidden revenue potential of your hostel. Our hostel experts are extremely result driven and work with great intensity to increase your top line revenue and bottom line profit.

Xotels is an innovative hotel consulting group, for a new breed of hoteliers.

Want to become a market leader amongst your competition and increase your profit?

Bring in the experts!

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