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We are a unique revenue management consulting company, providing outsourcing services for independent hotels. We are managing a global portfolio of inspiring and innovative hotel concepts, funky budget hotels, lifestyle and boutique hotels, amazing classic hotels, and luxury resorts. We have but one focus, and that is bringing result to hotels!

If you are a passionate result driven numbers geek, and looking for a dynamic challenge, we are offering the best revenue management job opportunities in the international hotel and hospitality industry.

However Xotels is not for just everyone. This might not be a good fit for you. We are looking for 'linchpins'. If you did not read the book, click here. Its not just a job or a step up, we offer a revenue management career path ...

And be prepared, we will not just hire anyone for these positions. We are looking for the best talent out there. We will put your skills to the test in our qualification process. So get ready to impress us!

Oh yeah, and if you want to know what we are searching for experienced Hotel / Hospitality Revenue Managers? click here. Also we ecourage you to carefully read the requirments in the job descriptions.

* Only candidates which have European Union citizenship or a valid Spanish Work Visa qualify.

The best hotel revenue management consulting abroad jobs are at Xotels, and we are now looking to fill the following job openings or vacancies:

  • Townhouse
  • the Student Hotel
  • Qbic
  • Secret de Paris
  • Pantone
  • The Signature
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  • NIV white a r
  • Londres
  • Es Moli
  • Ribera de Triana
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Contact us

 NL +31 208 084 756
 UK +44 203 608 0381
 BE +32 280 86 345
 ES +34 931 641 801
 FR +33 184 884 082
 US +1 202 888 0150
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  • NL +31 208 084 756
  • UK +44 203 608 0381
  • BE +32 280 86 345
  • ES +34 934 641 801
  • FR +33 184 884 082
  • US +1 202 888 0150


  • info@xotels.com
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