Top 10 Revenue Management Articles and Tips to Read for a Successful 2023

We have compiled a list of the best Hotel Revenue Management articles published last year to give you a head start into 2023! Before diving into the list, we would like to welcome you to check out our recent articles covering the plethora of essentials to Hotel and Operations Management, Marketing and Distribution, Finance and Accounting, Systems and Technology and other hospitality-focused insights.

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Must-Read Revenue Management Insights

Industry Outlook Articles

Revenue Management in a Crisis or Economic Downturn

Topic Focus: Crisis management – adapting and adopting strategies
First and foremost, we should be in full guerilla warfare mode. Competition is tough, prices have dropped and you are battling competitors for each and every room. Scraping rooms is the mindset that sets apart the real fighters… Read More …

The Future of Revenue Management = Total Revenue Management

Topic Focus: Hotels – Other Revenue Sources – Revenue Management – Total Management Strategy
Revenue Management is a field in constant evolution. The future will be for revenue managers to focus on the optimization of all revenue streams of the hotel and not purely on rooms. So, which KPIs to look at? Read More …

Current Industry Challenges and Future Outlook – Revenue Management for Apartments and Vacation Rental Businesses

Topic Focus: Apartments – Vacation Rental – Revenue Management – Sharing Economy Model
Apartment and Vacation rental businesses have boomed, thanks to sharing economy model development. Read More …learn about the current challenges and perspectives of this industry. Read More …

Topic Focus: Hotels – Income & Profit – Revenue Management – Revenue Maximization
Check out our ultimate guide to increasing revenue at your hotel, with 20+ top hotel revenue management tips and insights for generating more revenue. Improve your yield strategy today! Read More …

Topic Focus: Hotels – Ancillary Revenue – Revenue Management – Revenue Streams
Ancillary revenue tips to increase your hotel’s profit by getting your guests to spend more and generate incremental income for your hotel. Read our strategies to increase your hotel’s revenue streams without requiring large investments. Read More …

Top Five Revenue Management & Distribution Tips

Topic Focus: Hotels – Distribution – Revenue Management – Top Overall Tips
A holistic approach to hotel revenue management, distribution & marketing. Check out Xotels top 5 tips for last year. It still applies in 2023! Read More …

Revenue Management Essentials – The Knowledge Articles

Hotel Pricing Strategies: Using Room Types as a Strategic Yield Tool

Topic Focus: Hotels – Pricing Strategy – Revenue Management – Room Types – Hotel Strategy
The division of hotel rooms is a very powerful tool for a hotel revenue manager. Through segmentation, it is possible to create various category types to build a hotel yield pricing strategy with a comprehensive rate grid. Read More …

How to Apply Revenue Management for Apartments and Vacation Rentals – Revenue

Topic Focus: Hotels – Apartments & Vacation Rentals – Revenue Management – Revenue Techniques
An outline of the apartment and vacation rental industry´s current state. What are the best way to apply revenue management strategies for your apartment and vacation rental business? Read More …

How to Forecast Hotel Revenue with Optimized Precision

Topic Focus: Hotels – Forecasting – Revenue Management – Optimization
Discover how to precisely forecast revenue for your hotel with this information-packed guide. Read More …

Building the Newest Generation of Yield and Pricing Tools in the Hotel Industry

Topic Focus: Hotels – Pricing Tools – Revenue Management – Revenue Management System
How to optimize your hotel’s revenue by learning what to look for in revenue management systems (RMS), and pricing solutions to keep up with the ever-evolving industry. Read More …

How Hotel Design and Concept Development can Benefit From Revenue Management Insights

Topic Focus: Hotels – Design & Concept – Revenue Management – Hotel Development
Revenue management can provide key insights when it comes to hotel design and development, creating an effective yieldable concept, maximizing income and profit per square meter/footage. Read More …

Hotel Revenue Management in Italy, Case Studies by Xotels

Topic Focus: Hotels – Case Study – Revenue Management – Turnaround Management
3 Revenue Management case studies in Italy. We discuss success stories of our hotel turnaround strategies leading to exceptional hotel performance. Read More …

Final Word

At Xotels, we constantly refresh our mindset to adapt to the ever-changing hospitality industry. All our hotel consulting experts take pride in diving deep to understand the underlying attributes of our hotels and the markets we operate in.

We hope this list of articles has helped to share our appreciation and passion for all things hospitality and drives your performance and results for this year to never-before-seen heights.

We wish you a great and successful 2023!