As CEO and Founder of XOTELS, Patrick Landman has made it his mission to turn independent hotels and resorts into local market leaders. XOTELS´ diverse expertise and deep-knowledge across revenue management consulting, hotel management, asset management, and hotel consulting, enables us to drive results for independent boutique hotels, luxury resorts, and innovative lodging concepts. Below you will find opinion articles written by Patrick Landman.

Occupancy vs ADR, the Never Ending Discussion in Revenue Management

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Since the early days revenue management has been applied in hotels, there has been an intriguing ongoing discussion. What drives more value to the business, ADR, average daily rate, or occupancy?

I have been in hotel revenue management consulting since 2006, and it is a question that keeps coming back. ‘How can I make more profit with my hotel?’ Owners that are closely watching the P&L statement are especially keen to understand how they can drive the bottom line of their hospitality business.

Top Revenue Management Strategies for Hotels

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Hotel Revenue Management Strategies We have written extensively about hotel revenue management strategies. As strategy is one of the most essential parts of revenue management, we have made a summary of all the top advice from our perspective as a hotel revenue management consulting company.

What is Hotel Management?

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What is hotel management, you might ask? And that's a really good question. The hotel industry is broad and complex, with many stakeholders involved. Did you, for example, know hotels are not just managed by one party but typically have many different players involved in operating the hotel? This is just one of the many important things discussed in this article. As a hotel management company, we hope this article will help you with the basic concept of hotel management to explore different hotel positions and everything in between. We want to make sure you get the complete picture of what the hotel industry is all about!

Hotel Budget Plan: Are you Ready for 2024?

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Hotel Budget Plan: Are you Ready for 2024?

No time to lose, next year is almost here. And a good plan isn’t made overnight. How far are you with your targets, budget, and plan of attack for next year? What REVPAR and GOPPAR do you need to achieve? Is your plan for next year complete, and does it describe all actions in detail? Does everyone on the team know what the objectives are and which steps to take to get there?

Did you make your new hotel budget already or are you right in the middle? What methodology are you using? Are you simply adding a 3% to 5% each month based on last year’s performance? Or are you really putting your teeth into it and drilling down per segment, per channel, per account, and per day?

Now is the time to take action to build your hotel budget plan! Read through our step-by-step guide explaining how to get ready for 2023 with our hotel management company´s best hotel budgeting practices.

What Does a Hotel Management Company Do?

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What Does a Hotel Management Company Do?

Whether you’re a senior hotelier or an entrepreneur in the hospitality sector, understanding what a hotel management company does is essential to thriving in today’s competitive hospitality landscape. Running a successful hotel demands not only a passion for exceptional guest experiences but also a deep understanding of numerous intricacies to ensure revenue management, finance, marketing, and operations all keep running perfectly.

Let’s uncover the invaluable support that is offered and explore why this collaboration has emerged as a strategic necessity.

10 Smart Hotel Cost Control Ideas to Save Money

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10 Smart Hotel Cost Control Ideas to Save Money

Inflation, labour issues, and rising cost to meet the needs of an increasingly tech-savvy and sophisticated guest journey. Is there anything more pressing on the minds of hoteliers, preventing them from having sleepless nights thinking about how to bring down their hotel`s cost and keep their business afloat? With an ever-increasing amount of cost-associated challenges in our industry, this topic couldn't have been addressed at a better time. From our perspective as a hotel revenue management consulting company, we see both challenges as well as opportunities for hoteliers. The key is taking action in an adequate and timely manner, prioritising the right initiatives that truly make a difference. Cost can always be reduced, but how does it impact your day-to-day operations, and how does this reflect on your guest experience? Want to know how to turn cost issues into a competitive advantage? Keep reading our article on how to approach this multi-faceted issue.

Hotel Marketing Plan for 2024

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Hotel Marketing Plan & Strategies for 2022 & 2023

Today's traveler's journey is more fragmented than ever. With the recent proliferation of new travel super apps, distribution Goliaths such as Google and Expedia updating their ranking algorithms at a frantic pace, and the seemingly unstoppable growth of metasearch engine traffic, building and executing an effective hotel marketing strategy can seem intimidating. Maintaining a holistic, cross-channel approach is essential and always is highly-recommended by our hotel management company.

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