hotel rate value matrixWe have written a lot about hotel revenue management over the last few years. It seems a good time to make a shortlist with the components that are crucial to your hotel revenue management strategies by covering all the revenue and yield management pricing strategies.

Below a top 10 shortlist of article on revenue management strategies for hotels:

  1. Demand Calendar
  2. Market Segmentation
  3. Forecasting
  4. Booking Curves
  5. Price Positioning
  6. Stay Controls
  7. Rate Fences
  8. Benchmarking
  9. Displacement Calculations
  10. Unconstrained Demand

I hope these articles will help refresh your memory on hotel yield and revenue management strategies in the hotel industry, and give you a renewed perspective on this topic.

Remember it is all about outsmarting your competition. So, try to think of a stealth strategic revenue management action plan for your hotel, which is not too transparent to the competition in your market.

Enjoy the reading!