To be able to make solid revenue management decisions without any doubts, it is advisable to convert the data from your pick-up reports into graphs. A booking curve graph will help you visualize the booking pace of your hotel. Hotel revenue management is about data-driven decisions.
Below an example of a popular tool used in revenue management: The Booking Curve.


All the cancellations will be taken into consideration on the reservations curve.

Identify your Hot Days (or cold Days). Is it what you expected? If not;

  • Analyze
  • Understand
  • Can you influence it?
  • How is it affecting your forecast?
  • Are you loosing opportunities?

Your selling strategy affects your forecast; therefore every time you make a rate change, you should analyze the impact on your forecast. Are your actual rates affecting your booking curve in a way you did not expect? What are your trends and how they compare to your city or region?

hotel booking curve 2a

Develop a revenue management tool that allows comparison i.e. last year same day versus this year pick up or past 5 Wednesdays as per the following graph.