Group patterns and trends are different from your regular demand. You can look at your reservations on the Books (OTB) and pick-up, but this does not reveal all the trends. You will have to record all the requests to read trends and apply a coherent revenue management strategy.
Evaluate what you should record: How many leads have you received? How many leads do you currently receive in total? How does that compare to the past months, and to the same period last year? What are the trends? How can you incorporate that into your forecasts and revenue management strategies?

What is your conversion ratio? (number of groups converted by leads received). Depending on the size of your hotel, you may develop the calculation by group market segments.


Elements to consider:

  • Conversion ratio
  • Lead time ratio on basis of the dates of request
  • Total spend by group
  • Size of the groups
  • Wash factor
  • Segmentation of groups: leisure or corporate
  • Denial and cancellation stats with reasons.