Reflect your positioning on a matrix. Does your positioning make sense? How often are you more or less expensive than your competitors? Do you take into account your positioning and value offer when deciding of your daily rates? One more element to consider in your hotel revenue management plan.
A Rate or Price Value Matrix looks like this. Again something we have looked at or might remember from back in the days during marketing class but probably never used again. It is vital though to understanding and communication your hotel pricing strategy and positioning.
hotel rate_value_matrix


Choosing a clear price positioning strategy for your base rate will help strengthen your value perception to consumers. There are several strategies that you can follow as a revenue manager;
  • penetration pricing strategy
  • equal pricing strategy
  • surrounding pricing strategy
  • skimming pricing strategy


Penetration Pricing Strategy


The market accepts and understands your positioning: among the cheapest in the market. That can work if that positioning does not drive the market rates down. Is there an opportunity to still sell more expensive on specific periods? How does your client value your hotel?
Equal Pricing Strategy


The hotel sells at comparable rates. Your hotel value proposition will make the difference in the clients’ decisions.
Surrounding Pricing Strategy


Your first room type will be the cheapest in the market or among the cheapest ones. Your superior room type will be sold at a rate close to the first available rates of your competition. The key success is to offer added value. Think in terms of room types with better facilities or specific features, and additional amenities.

Skimming Pricing Strategy


The skim strategy is to position clearly your hotel among the most expensive. Price leaders often achieve among the highest profitability. Can you provide more value than your competitors? Can the consumers clearly understand the reasons that they would pay more to stay in your hotel? What are the consumers ready to pay for? All considerations that have to be taken into account when making revenue management decisions.