How far in advance can you identify future fully booked days? Booking patterns are key in revenue management. Stay controls can help you build the shoulder days.  This is where your revenue potential is.

Revenue Managers should have the knowledge of the number of one night stays, two nights stays, three nights stays, four nights stays, etc. How? Refer to your Guest In House list same period previous year including your denials/regrets. Check the patterns on your future on the books.

Which hotel stay restrictions can you apply and where?

  • MLOS / minimum length of stay
  • Maximum lenght of stay
  • Min / Max length of stay combination
  • CTA / closed to arrival
  • CTD / closed to departure
  • Stay through restriction


It is an essential revenue management practice to evaluate the revenue impact on shoulder days if you decide to sell out one day!

The impact of the 4th of February on shoulder days as shown below: