Is your hotel getting its fair market share? Use KPI like MPI, ARI, RGI to benchmark the results of your hotel’s revenue management performance. What is your market penetration index?

Compare regional arrivals statistics with yours. Stats can be obtained from the airport, tourism boards. Are you getting your part or fair share of the pie?


Market share reports help hoteliers and revenue managers to understand your performance versus your competitors, both in terms of occupancy and average rate. They can provide the following information vital to your revenue management decision-making:

  • MPIMarket Penetration Index (your occupancy results versus the average occupancy of your competitors)
  • ARIAverage Rate Index (your ARR versus the average ARR of your competitors)
  • RGIRevenue Generator Index (your revenue share of the market, the market being your hotel and the hotel competitors).

Your RGI should be above 100 (Index base 100). If not, that would mean that some of your competitors convert more business than you do. Reading the day by day RGI, when do you achieve the lowest score? Week-days, week-ends, events, low demand periods? Do you have the right market segmentation? Is your price positioning by segment correct? It is also important to compare yourself to the right competitors!

Such reports are built in the following format, with day by day results :

hotel market penetration index-ahotel average rate index-a

The Bench, MKG and Deloite are among the main suppliers of such reports.