Based on the previous articles on the definition and components of revenue management, KPI, market segmentation, yieldable and non-yieldable business and displacement calculations have defined a few simple action steps for hotel revenue management.

Here are your second steps in our Revenue Management action plan:

  1. Challenge your market segmentation, should you introduce pricing points?
  2. Identify non-Yieldable segments, and try to move them to become semi-yieldable.
  3. Can you identify trends and KPI per market segments? Check which PMS reports can provide knowledge on;
    • Length of stay per arrivale date.
    • Lead time information per day of the week and segement.
    • Cancellation ratio per day of the week.
    • Total revenue per client and market segment
  4. Can you move some of your non-yieldable segments to become yieldable or semi-yieldable?
  5. Review the production of your main clients on basis of the displacement analysis. What is their true revenue gain? Assess if you could revise your pricing accordingly.