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The End Of The Hotel Room

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Zoku - The end of the hotel room

At Xotels we are very fortunate to have been working with various exceptional and innovative hotel concepts over the years. The key to success, as we see it, is breaking paradigms and challenging the status quo. And so does our latest partner, Zoku. They have just launched their brand, announcing The End of the Hotel Room ...

Lets Give The Selfie Shooters What They Want

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Selfie @ XotelsThe modern traveler is looking for a unique experience when it comes to hotels. The Millennials even more than any generation before is demanding an authentic, original and social environment.

But what is the WOW factor of your hotel?

2014 in Review @ Xotels

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2014 in Review @ XotelsLooking back at 2014, we can only conclude that it has been a great year for Xotels and our Revenue Management portfolio. We have expanded our properties with 52% to 35 hotels, with a total hotel room inventory of 4.180. We are becoming a sizeable player in the hotel management arena.

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