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A Place to Stay for Urban Cowboys - Opening a New Hotel in Amsterdam

Opening A New Hotel in Amsterdam - Urban LodgeOne of the fun things of our job is that we get to work on many new hotel openings. Moreover we are attracting cool and funky kind of hotel concepts to join our independent hotel group. The owners we are working with have great vision when it comes to differentiating their product, delivering true quality service and an original experience. We are fortunate to be working on the revenue management strategies for the opening of the Urban Lodge Hotel in Amsterdam.

Internship Success Stories @ Xotels

pointBoth my business partner Remko West and I started of our careers via internships during our studies at Hotelschool Maastricht in the Netherlands. It is the perfect stepping stone from the college environment into the real live working place. Hence at Xotels we have kept the tradition of trainees joining our ranks, to gain hands on knowledge and experience. We would like to share some of their personal experiences and success stories with you.

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