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How to Create the Best Hotel Marketing Video

Best Hotel Marketing Video - Xotels BlogMany hotels and chains spend a large amounts on creating the perfect hotel video. Professional marketing agencies and movie creator / editor experts are involved to create the ultimate hotel marketing video. But do they hit it on the nail? Do they connect with their target audience? The video below will show you that with a bit of creativity and a sense of humor you can achieve a great hotel marketing impact ...

A New Boutique Hotel in Barcelona - Casa Bonay

Casa Bonay - Boutique Hotel Barcelona - Revenue Management by XotelsHaving worked and lived for many years in New York, London and Paris I have been able to experience many different hotel concepts. My preference has always gone out to boutique hotels which take the spirit of place beyond just design and furniture, but install a real soul into their property. At Xotels we are fortunate to be able to work with a new and much needed addition to the Barcelona hotel market, which brings exactly this a hotel with character and personality, the Casa Bonay.


A Place to Stay for Urban Cowboys - Opening a New Hotel in Amsterdam

Opening A New Hotel in Amsterdam - Urban LodgeOne of the fun things of our job is that we get to work on many new hotel openings. Moreover we are attracting cool and funky kind of hotel concepts to join our independent hotel group. The owners we are working with have great vision when it comes to differentiating their product, delivering true quality service and an original experience. We are fortunate to be working on the revenue management strategies for the opening of the Urban Lodge Hotel in Amsterdam.

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