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Selling Your Meeting Rooms Online

Written by Patrick Landman @ Xotels on .

I recently caught up with Ciaran Delaney founder of Meetingsbooker.com, this innovative website allows businesspeople to book or receive instant quotes for hotel meeting and conference rooms, book refreshments and even reserve their equipment requirements. They offer a real sales channel for hotel meeting rooms and charge based on performance.

Tourism is Social

Written by Patrick Landman @ Xotels on .

Video's of Xotels presentation on 'Tourism is Social at BTO (buy tourism online) in Florence, Italy. Tourism has always been social. Before Twitter and Facebook we had postcards. How can hotels get involved in social networks and help market their destination.


Written by Patrick Landman @ Xotels on .

How do the clients compare your hotel to the other hotels? Develop knowledge not only on their selling rates but also on the value they offer. Actually when is the last time you stayed at a competitor hotel? Benchmarking is a key topic in revenue management.

REVPAR… GOPPAR… something is missing!

Written by Patrick Landman @ Xotels on .

In the early days we all measured the performance of our hotel based on occupancy. and ADR Then the revenue management phenomenon hit our industry and we all shifted to REVPAR. Nowadays the keyword is GOPPAR. We want to see how every booking affects our GOP. But something is missing…

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