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How to Become a Hotel Revenue Manager

hotel revenue manager

In response to our blog articles on hotel revenue management, we get asked one question very often in particular. 'How do I start a career in revenue management?'. It is posed not only by students nearing the end of their educational program, but also by mid-level managers who have worked in the hospitality industry for a couple of years already. Becoming a hotel revenue manager is their dream job!

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Hotel Market Research & Feasibility Study

hotel market research

No plan is viable without some form of research. Especially if you require outside investment you will need to demonstrate you have done a feasibility study for your new hotel concept. It will also be helpful for yourself to put your ideas on paper and benchmark them against the market to determine the chance of success. Based on our hotel management experience we have put some pointers on paper ...

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Hotel Distribution Simplified

Hotel distribution made easyIn the light of the numerous hotel management and hotel opening articles we have posted, and also the free revenue management book we created, we have come to realize that it’s nothing but logical to also write a book about hotel distribution.

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A Story of Genuine Scottish Hospitality

Ednam House Hotel256

Wow! Visiting the latest addition to our hotel portfolio last week, I could not help it but to notice I was truly impressed by the dedication of its owners to deliver excellent guest service.  They have true hoteliers blood running through their veins. Let me share this inspiring story of genuine Scottish Hospitality with you.

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