Hotel Bernina 1865 - Revenue Management by XotelsAlmost 10 years into our adventure with Xotels, it still gives me a kick when we get a new hotel on board. We have are now almost hitting 40 properties with our portfolio, and it is still as exciting as when we got our first revenue management client. This time it is a new market for us, Switzerland. Yes, we are now moving into the territory of traditional Swiss hospitality.

Switzerland is known for its classic hotels and luxury service. And our new client hotel offers no less to its guests. The Hotel Bernina 1865 in Samedan is a property with a long history of traditional Swiss hospitality. It is located in the Engadin valley and just 8 minutes by car from St. Moritz, which you are undoubtedly familiar with.

I am just thrilled at the opportunity that they have chosen Xotels to help optimize their results. We are managing this project in collaboration with Amelung and Partners, who are overseeing the restructuring of the operations and finance side. Having started only a few weeks ago with streamlining the revenue management strategies and tactics, and we can already see some changes on the horizon.

Hotel Bernina 1865 - Revenue Management by Xotels

Alessandra De Flammineis, General Manager and part of the owner family of Bernina 1865 comments, ‘It was clear to us that we needed to improve the approach to revenue management and distribution in our hotel. Our property might be traditional in terms of image and experience, but strategy wise we have to stay with the times. We selected Xotels because of their demonstrated results in other luxury properties. The professionalism and confidence they transmitted when we engaged with them won as over as well.’

She continues, ‘We have just gotten started, but we can see they are very methodical, with a clear understanding of the uniqueness of our product and market. They rapidly differentiate actions that potentially generate revenue, from other tedious technical tasks that might not quickly generate incremental results (leaving them for later). We really like their clear cut prioritizing style, and no nonsense approach.’

Hotel Bernina 1865 - Revenue Management by Xotels

Right now we are working on the short term, to impact the high demand ski season. But we are also implementing a long term battle plan to improve results over spring summer and fall, when there is no snow on the mountains. We are working hard to make this hotel outperform their competition year round.

Can’t wait to see where we will be in a few months from now …

In the meantime, check out the hotel :