career xotels60 1We are proud of the career opportunities that we offer to our hotel revenue managers working at Xotels. We constantly look at making a career in hotel revenue management here as rewarding as possible, in an environment where our employees can learn and grow professionally.

And rather than sing our own praises, here are three of our very own Xotels superstar revenue managers to talk about their career and role as part of the Xotels family.

Meet 3 of our Superstar Revenue Managers

1. Meet Alberto, Revenue Manager at Xotels

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A little bit about me…

Hi, I’m Alberto and I’m originally from Madrid! Before I came to Xotels I lived in Birmingham, the UK, for 7 years where I worked in hospitality across a range of roles, including hotel reception and sales. Prior to joining Xotels, I worked as a brand revenue manager for Malmaison, the UK boutique hotel chain.

Why did I join Xotels?

It was a perfect opportunity to join Xotels, a company which I knew had a great reputation in the industry. I was looking for a fresh challenge in my career and wanted to move back to Spain.

What is working at Xotels like? “Xotels is a great place to work. What I love here is working with awesome people, the flexibility of the role and the working culture. It is a multinational environment with really capable, smart professionals from around Europe. The work here is all about autonomy – I’m in charge of my properties. I have to adapt to different types of hotel client and different budgets. Management provide a great support platform and grant all revenue managers total autonomy and responsibility to implement ideas and methods, which is very rare to find elsewhere.”

Why should revenue managers come to Xotels?

“Revenue managers should come here because of the variety and flexibility the role offers, and the brilliant people you work with. You’re involved in distribution and you have to set up your own system to how you feel is best for your properties. It’s much more than just revenue analysis.

Not only do you get flexibility from within the company but also from the hotels you manage. As they are boutique and independent hotels, they give you the flexibility that big brand hotels don’t.

The people you work with here are amazing. It’s a real multinational, multicultural mix from all around Europe. We all help each other. We work in English but it’s common to hear 3 or 4 languages across the office. 

The learning immersion experience at Xotels is exceptional – from the company, the role, the diverse clients and of course, from the people you work with.”

2. Meet Marta, Revenue Manager at Xotels

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A little bit about me…

Hi, I’m Marta! I’m originally from Barcelona. I came to Xotels in late 2016. Before, I lived in London for 5 years. I’ve worked in hospitality across a variety of roles, including reception, reservations, events and sales. Prior to Xotels, I worked for Radisson Hotels. 

Why did I join Xotels?

I read so much about the company before I joined and was eager to work here based on the reputation for a dynamic culture. Things never stand still here so you develop quickly as a professional. Xotels is exciting. It’s always fresh and for a revenue manager it’s not easy to find a role that is so compelling.

What is working at Xotels like?

It’s different to any other hospitality role for many reasons. One, it is not a hotel. Everyone is so passionate about their work here. There is a company-wide commitment to excellence. Everyone is focused. I wouldn’t change a thing!

The schedule is very flexible. I’m in charge of my own time, though I typically work a 9-5 or 9-6 day. I used to work for a big multinational hotel chain, where processes and workflows are rigid and often outdated. Here it is the opposite – you have the flexibility to do what you feel is in the best interests of your properties.

I manage hotels all over the world, so it’s never boring! Management are great, supportive and flexible. When you join, the support and training provided to help you acclimatize is fantastic.

Why should revenue managers come to Xotels?

There is no better time to join. It is growing and developing. The career opportunities are endless. The team is so diverse, smart and open-minded. There is an international environment, from which it would be difficult not to learn. It is fast-paced, dynamic and so rewarding.

Come here if like me you want to learn every day, have fun at work and grow as a professional revenue manager!

3. Meet Alexis, Revenue Manager at Xotels

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A little bit about me…

Hi, I’m Alexis and I’m originally from Paris. I’ve been a revenue manager at Xotels since early 2015. Before coming here, I worked in innovation and costs control for a French family-run hotel management company. I was also previously the assistant general manager for an independent French hotel and I’ve worked in other roles, including receptionist, concierge and waiter.

Why did I join Xotels?

I came here to focus on hotel revenue management. I did a masters degree in innovation. I felt that Xotels would be a good company to implement innovative concepts and ideas. I knew of many hotels that were clients of Xotels. I wanted to join an important company in the sector and to learn as a revenue manager. I also wanted to move to Spain and work in an international environment, and as Xotels is right in the heart of Barcelona, it was a great opportunity for me.

What is working at Xotels like?

Xotels is a great company if you want to learn as a revenue manager. I manage clients in Spain, France, Belgium, the UK and elsewhere, so the client portfolio under your care is always diverse and challenging in different ways.

Why should revenue managers come to Xotels?

You will learn a lot here. You are exposed to so many different markets, and have to work with many different processes. You learn to be adaptive quickly. A bonus for me also is that the office is right in the center of Barcelona city!

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