Zoku - The end of the hotel room

At Xotels we are very fortunate to have been working with various exceptional and innovative hotel concepts over the years. The key to success, as we see it, is breaking paradigms and challenging the status quo. And so does our latest partner, Zoku, in the short stay market. They have just launched their brand, announcing The End of the Hotel Room …

When I heard this catchy and challenging phrase I just could not hold my enthusiasm. I had to share the video on all my social media accounts. It is so thrilling to hear a brand that has a real message, a real story.

But what is Zoku? Zoku is an innovator, game changer, rebel, the new kid on the block and much more …

They decided to change the hotel room as we know it, into a place to live comfortably and work efficiently. A space that does not evolve around the bed like a traditional hotel room. Instead the center pieces are the kitchen table and the sofa. A living space where you can work, meet with clients and dine with friends. A home base for the global nomad.

Ok, here we go, pictures speak louder than words. Have a look at the video below.

The End Of The Hotel Room, as we know it …

Wow, that was a great video. Hotels should use this as an example …

But who is behind Zoku? Hans Meyer, serial hotel entrepreneur from the Netherlands, and the mastermind behind CitizenM and his business partner Marc Jongerius, previously partner in the private equity industry, spent the last few years developing a new and fresh concept for the long and short stay market.

So we asked Hans, how he would describe Zoku. ‘Zoku, which is Japanese for family, tribe or clan, facilitates global living and working for the traveling professional. Zoku is a new category in the hotel industry: a flexible home/office hybrid, with the services of a hotel and the social buzz of a thriving neighborhood. You can live, work, relax and socialize with like-minded people – while getting wired into the city.’

The End Of The Hotel Room - Zoku

The first Zoku will open this fall in Amsterdam and Xotels is in charge of the revenue management and distribution strategies. It is an exciting project where we have to put our skills to the test, balancing different guest stays (hotel, short and long) to create an optimal balance and achieve solid revpar results.

‘The out of the box thinking mentality at both Zoku and Xotels, is what really made the match for us to choose for Xotels.’ Marc Jongerius of Zoku commented. ‘Not only do they have a solid reputation in the market for business development. We like their open straightforward approach’.

Patrick Landman at Xotels adds, ‘ We are so excited to be a part of this great project, breaking up the standard in the hospitality industry once again. Zoku is incomparable to anything out there, it’s not a hotel, it’s not an apartment. Its Zoku. We are convinced together with this creative entrepreneurial team we will achieve great results building out the Zoku concept. Besides Amsterdam, they have already set their eye on London, Paris and Barcelona as well …. And they’re open to get tips on suitable sites for these roll-out plans.’

For more info go to: www.livezoku.com

Hope you enjoyed this article!