Hotel Revenue Management in Italy, Case Studies by Xotels

Hotel Revenue Management in Italy, Case Studies by Xotels

It has been a few years since Xotels is operating in Italy now. And we wanted to share some of our successes in terms of hotel revenue management strategies with you.

Before entering into the market we were faced with the same hurdles as always. Owners and managers were concerned we did not know the market, and did not have first hand local experience.

Of course as a strategist these concerns are not valid to us, as we analyze demand patterns, performance KPI and and other statistics to optimize a business. And regardless of where it is located, the methodology and best practices of revenue management do not change.

So how did we do? Let me share some case studies of our hotel performance in Italy with you.

Case Study: 10 Years of Revenue Management at Xotels

Case Study: 10 Years Revenue Management Outsourcing at XotelsAs Xotels exists 10 years this year, we wanted to share with you what it has been like. But rather sharing our own story, we think it would be much more interesting to share you what it has been like from the perspective of our longest client. The ultimate Revenue Management outsourcing outsourcing and consulting case study if you will. The very first client for our Revenue Management outsourcing services was La Bergère Group, and they are still with us after 10 Years of Xotels.

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Case Study in Hotel Marketing – How to Drive Direct Sales

Hotel Internet Marketing Case StudyI would like to share with you the hotel marketing success story of 3 of our hotels for which we have been working hard to push direct sales this year. The hotels are in completely different categories, demonstrating that if you work hard and have a focused strategy, you can generate a good level of direct sales, and divert business from OTA directly to your hotel website.

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