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2012 Hotel Industry Outlook : A Distribution Shuffle

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bing travelYes 2012 will be all about distribution in the hotel industry. There are some major developments that demand attention of hoteliers in order to stay in control of the market mix and distribution cost. Here some of the hot topics of next year: Google Hotel Finder, Meta-Search and Rate Parity, OTA Commission Levels, Direct Sales …

Spa Revenue Management Techniques : Dynamic Pricing, Dynamic Availability & Menu Engineering

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spa revenue management techniquesThe previous two articles on Spa Revenue Management should have convinced you, that in order to generate more profit with this business unit, a more strategic approach will need to be implemented, comparable to the way revenue management is applied to hotel rooms. Key performance indicators have to be defined to help understand the patterns of demand and customer behavior. Now we will take a closer look at different pricing techniques.

Are your 2012 Hotel Targets, Budget and Marketing Plan Ready?

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hotel marketing_plan_and_budget_2012No time to lose, 2012 is almost here. And a good plan isn’t made overnight. How far are you with your targets, budget and plan of attack for next year? What REVPAR and GOPPAR do you need to achive? Is your hotel marketing plan complete, and does it describe all actions in detail? Does everyone on the team know what the objectives are and which steps to take to get there?

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