SUR - Spa Urilization Ratio

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SUR - Spa Urilization Ratio

What is the meaning / definition of SUR in the hospitality industry?

SUR stands for: Spa Utilization Ratio

To calculate the SUR (spa utilization ratio) of your spa you need to define the time and the space units to be measured.
This calculation indicates how effective you are utilizing your space and opening times.

How do you calculate SUR?

  • SUR Formula: Hours of treatment sold / Hours of treatment available


  • If a spa has 4 treatment rooms and it is open from 9.00am to 6pm, 6 days a week, this gives 216 hours of treatment available during a week. If 150 hours were sold the SUR would be calculated as below:

  • 150 hours of treatment sold / 216 Hours available = 69.4 %

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Synonyms: Spa Utilization Ratio, SUR

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