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The Xotels Group expands its hotel management portfolio with the Hotel Ribera de Triana in Seville, Spain. It is yet another hotel which this innovative international hotel management company guides through the removal of the chain flag and repositions an independent property.

‘Another great hotel in our portfolio in yet a very exciting destination’ comments Patrick Landman, CEO @Xotels. ‘The Hotel Ribera de Triana is a beautiful property with a unique location. It is situated on Isla de la Cartuja and on the banks of the Guadalquivir River. From the hotel rooms you have amazing views over the old town of Seville.’

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Remko West, COO @ Xotels adds, ‘We have quite a challenge ahead of us removing the chain flag from the property and repositioning it as an independent hotel. The Seville market has seen a tough year with a RevPar decline around the 15%. The supply has grown, and over the last year demand has shown a big decrease. As a result hotels have dropper rates and started a price war, which had a strong impact on the bottom line results‘.

website hotel ribera de triana‘We have prepared a strong action action plan to take this property out of the downward spiral and turn it into a healthy and profitable operation. We are working on a broad range of areas to once again create a market leader. Revenue management, distribution, online marketing, search engine optimization, advertisings, social media, online reputation management, blogging, you name it, we are going full out for this project’, he continues. 

Patrick adds, ‘The advantage that we have is that service level is very good. The staff is well trained and very motivated. Everyone is very excited and completely on board to help making it a big success. This is always very important to us, a good foundation to build from.’

‘As a first step we are working on increasing the reach of the property in both distribution through 3rd parties as well as the hotel’s own website. We have started with a strong offensive and are seeing some small results already. Of course it will be a long way, especially as we have taken off the brand from the roof. However there are some clear short term opportunities to increase the results for this hotel from which point we can work on long term strategy and reposition it as a solid independent hotel in Seville with a healthy bottom line profit’.

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