Xotels, for a new breed of hotel investors...

Our hotel investment services & opportunities

Xotels, for a new breed of hotel investors...

Our hotel investment services & opportunities

Hotel Investment Services

Xotels has a strong track record in the international hotel and hospitality industry. We have been operating since 2006 and currently manage a portfolio of over 80 hotels in 4 continents. We are expanding our assets by take-over acquisition or development of new hospitality assets, converting existing (commercial) real estate into original hotel concepts. We deliver an increase in ROI to our investment partners, diving above market returns on their equity investments

As a hotel investment company we offer private and institutional investors an ideal solution to enter into the commercial hospitality real estate business. We focus on financing only our own projects, which have a clear competitive advantage in their local market. Together with our hotel management and design teams we create unique hospitality concepts. We run and develop different kind of hotels ranging from boutique lifestyle hotels to modern budget hotels, youth hostels and luxury bed & breakfasts.

With our team of hotel experts we provide very healthy returns, turning around independent hotel and resort assets into market performance leaders. We also develop strong new hotel businesses through green field projects and building conversions.

We offer different investment levels depending on the level of engagement or exposure you wish to embark upon. Additionally, we have different solutions for investors:

xotels on targetHotel Investment Opportunities

We specialize in maximizing the return on your hotel investment. Both short turn through profit optimization, and long term through operational cost control and maintenance of the real estate asset, we strategically improve your financial results. We currently developing modern eco-resort concepts in Indonesia and are actively seeking funding and financing for this project. 

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xotels on targetHotel Crowdfunding

Xotels offers investment opportunities for private and small investors. With our proven track record we turn around independent hotels into high yield investment opportunities via hotel crowdfunding. The hospitality industry is not always easy accessible for private investors that want to invest with a smaller risk exposure. By tying into the sharing economy principle of crowdfunding we open up this market of traditional private equity funding and real estate financing to any investor.

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xotels on targetHotel Real Estate Investment

Xotels provides high yield investment opportunities for our investor partners. Since independent hotels have proven to deliver a very healthy ROI, we concentrate on the acquisition of real estate assets and propco’s suited to house original hospitality concepts.

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xotels on targetHotel Investor Advice

Xotels is specialized in generating high levels of yield. Together with our strategic partners in hotel operations and revenue management we drive premium results for boutique hotel investors. Our international finance advisers and hotel investment consultants can help you to identify and locate the ideal hotel object to purchase or invest in.

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xotels on targetHotel Turn Around Management

Is your hotel underperforming or distressed and results need to be turned around? Or you need to groom your financials for the sales of your property? The hotel strategy specialists of Xotels are experts in hotel Turnaround Management. For each hotel project, we develop a customized strategy plan, repositioning the property more effectively amongst its competitive market landscape.

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xotels on targetHotel Concept Development

At Xotels we thrive by challenging the established order and create new winning hotel concepts. Unique and refreshing guest experiences drive the results in any hotel. We create an environments that speak to the imagination of the modern traveler, and deliver a high return of investment as a business. We have been fortunate to work on some amazing properties, and are energized to roll out more innovative lodging projects. We are currently developing a beautiful eco resort in Indonesia with a strong focus on environmental awareness and eco-friendly values. 

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xotels on targetHotel Design & Architecture

Our multidisciplinary team of hotel designers and architects can help you create that special place, where travelers feel at ease, and don’t want to leave anymore. Our mission is to take people on a journey of imagination and comfort by putting life into spaces. Each project requires its own identity and character, merging new ideas with local influences. We are currently developing a beautiful eco resort in Indonesia which is designed to create a minimal ecological footprint.

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xotels on targetHotel Pre-Opening Services

Opening a hotel is an art in itself. Critical timelines and paths need to be controlled and managed in detail. We have opened dozens of hotels over the last decade, and are ready to do the next roll-out with our strategy development, checklists and action plans. Xotels specializes in the opening of hotels, as well as developing and fine-tuning new concepts. If you want your hotel project to be a smashing success, we can take care of this.  

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To raise capital or financing of hotel assets, we work together with a different types of investors like family offices, private equity investors, investment funds, crowdfunding participants, venture capital and crowdsourcing platforms, etc.

We have an entrepreneurial spirit with business development DNA, and are driven to built unique hospitality product.

Xotels, for a new breed of hotel investors.

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