hotel_management_by_xotelsXotels is looking for hotels, which want to improve RevPAR, reduce travel agency commission costs, increase direct sales, increase GOPPAR and generate more profit through effective hotel management. Does your hotel fit the profile?


Over the last year we have added 8 hotels to our hotel management portfolio and it is time to brag a bit about the results. On average the hotels where we are responsible for the revenue management we have increased revenues anywhere from 10% to 30% and we are trending 20% ahead of budget on average.
We have increased direct sales through optimized hotel website design, SEO and SMM. Traffic of the hotel websites we developed increased anywhere from 50% to beyond 300%. Our simple and smooth booking process also increased conversion levels, generating yet again more revenue. The fact that we manage to get online reservations at a higher ARR (average room rate) through the hotel website than through OTA added to another increase of the hotels’ bottom line.


Even newly opened hotels have been turned profitable and into market leaders within months of their launch by our creative revenue management and hotel internet marketing strategies.


Here a selection of hotel companies where we are responsible for the revenue management and online marketing to give you an idea;
How did we increase their results?

Simple, we implemented a long term revenue management, pricing and distribution strategy. To that we added a proper hotel website design, fully optimized and supported with search engine optimization, social media marketing and blog management services.

Most important we brought in focus and structure. We set out a plan and follow it consistently. Not surprisingly our favorite song is by Toto, ‘hold the line…’

So now we are looking for more hotels to manage and increase the bottom line with our unconventional hotel management strategies. Do you want to make more money with your hotel?