Revenue Management for Bed & Breakfasts and Small Hotels

Xotels is a global leader in Bed & Breakfasts revenue management, and with our remote revenue management consulting services we help B&B to increase their financial performance. Our B&B yield and revenue outsourcing specialists implement Xotels’ innovative and proven methodology to grow the RevPar and GopPar results of your Bed & Breakfast and Small Hotel.

Our international revenue management outsourcing consultants have an extensive experience in both the hospitality travel & tourism industry, and leave no stone unturned to uncover the hidden revenue potential of your Bed & Breakfast or Small Hotel, to increase your bottom line profit. We have a strong business development DNA, and aim to challenge the status quo.

Xotels’ RM and yield experts will be incorporated in your Bed & Breakfast management structure and operate as a part of your team taking on the responsibilities and duties of revenue management and business development. Working besides your executive management, we will be implementing best practices, proven techniques and the latest travel distribution developments. They are assisted by our inhouse developped revenue management system, to help you outperform your competition and become a leader in your local market.

We would be covering the areas and actions highlighted below when taking over a Bed & Breakfast, either as a turn around project or new opening;

xotels on targetOur Revenue Management Mission

  • Adopt a healthy market segmentation for the Bed & Breakfast and Small Hotel
  • Assist with budgeting and develop a forecasting model adapted to the market segments
  • Increase revenue by stimulating demand and use existing demand for the destination
  • Push forward the Bed & Breakfasts and Small Hotels on potential distribution channels to enlarge the demand
  • Optimize direct sales and distribution via website and phone
  • Structure the pricing management
  • Set strategic pricing in terms of public and negotiated rates
  • Handle all Revenue management tasks on a daily, weekly and monthly basis

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xotels on targetCompetitor Evaluation

Xotels will study the main competitors of the Bed & Breakfast or Small Hotel to assess their price positioning in relation to their products offering. Xotels will build a report comparing the strengths and weaknesses of the main competitors and the Bed & Breakfast or Small Hotel. The report will aim at building the Price – Value relationship that the Bed & Breakfast or Small Hotel can provide in front of its main competitors.

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xotels on targetPrice Benchmarking

Xotels will benchmark and compare the pricing strategies of the main competitors and the Bed & Breakfast or Small Hotel. The study will look at the public prices but will also try to pinpoint negotiated rates such as corporate rates. The study will look at a year period: day by day pricing by length of stay. The benchmarking will show how the Bed & Breakfast or Small Hotel is priced competitively and create or revise the pricing grid.

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xotels on targetDistribution Benchmarking

Xotels will evaluate the distribution of the main competitors: GDS, IDSs and off line through mystery calls. The study will look at promotion management, length of stay pricing per channels. The study will also look at the distribution management of theBed & Breakfast or Small Hotel, inventory availability management, rates availability management in periods of low to high demand. The benchmark study will look at the competitive strengths and weaknesses of the Bed & Breakfast or Small Hotel and present an action plan, with a primary focus to contract the right new distribution channels.

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xotels on targetPricing Grid

Upon the benchmarking studies, Xotels will review the existing pricing grid or build a new one and recommend pricing strategies to stimulate the demand. Both public prices and negotiated rates with multiple length of stay will be assessed and recommended. Pricing will be recommended per period of demand: low to high periods. Negotiated corporate rates will be reviewed in relation to the production and corporate accounts. The sales team input will be needed.

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xotels on targetDemand Calendar

Xotels will review the demand calendar, or create one, and analyze strength of demand day by day per period (with or without events), in view of day by day rate strategies.

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xotels on targetForecasting Model

Xotels will build market segmentation for the Bed & Breakfast or Small Hotel and create a forecasting model to ensure that existing demand for each individual segment will be targeted most effectively in terms of marketing, sales and pricing strategies.

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xotels on targetRate Strategy Sheet

Xotels will develop monthly rate strategy sheets with the following objectives:

  • Day by day pricing strategy for one year will be shown (price value per length of stays day by day will be recommended)
  • Pricing strategy per channels of distribution
  • Yield strategies with L.O.S. restrictions on peak periods

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xotels on targetRate Loading

Xotels will also review or build the rate loading and the rate management through all electronic distribution channels to ensure that all prices including corporate rates are correctly shown and bookable. Two meetings are planned before the start of implementation:

  • Meeting at the start of the project with first phase of assessment and meeting with the team
  • Final presentation meeting with the pricing strategies and tools

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xotels on targetOnline Distribution Strategy

Xotels will develop the implementation of the suggested action plan. As the main challenges based on current occupancies seem distribution and pricing oriented Xotels will focus on getting the required results. This includes contracting online and offline distribution channels.

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And don't think for a moment this cannot be applied in your Bed & Breakfast property. With our revenue manager for hire team we manage a diverse international portfolio of top performing companies, ranging from independent boutique hotels, luxury design hotels, beach & ski resorts, innovative hotel concepts, aparthotels, vacation rental properties, tourist apartment blocks, regional hotel firms, and even small country side / rural hotels, modern budget hotels, trendy youth hostels, hip bed & breakfasts, camping sites and holiday parks.

Xotels is an innovative Bed & Breakfast revenue management consulting company, for a new breed of hoteliers.

Want to improve your top line revenue and bottom line profit of your hotel?

Bring in the experts!

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