revenue_management_outsourcing_-_es_moli_mallorcaHotel Es Moli in Deia (Mallorca, Spain) has decided to turn the curve and start offering dynamic rates. To increase online sales as well as direct sales they are outsourcing their hotel revenue management to Xotels, a hotel management company specialized in yield and distribution.

Patrick Landman of Xotels starts of: ‘The hotel has seen an erosion of demand and production by tour operators and traditional feeder markets over the last several years. An independent market study and internal audit have demonstrated change of strategy is needed. Through our extensive network this beautiful resort property came in touch with us on our hotel revenue management services’.

Remko West adds ‘We are looking for unique properties in each market to take over the revenue management and online distribution. Xotels is currently expanding form managing mainly city hotels into resorts. The exceptional location and surroundings of made it a natural and perfect fit. ‘


Patrick Landman continues, ‘Es Moli is an amazing property. The resort has a unique loyal clientele with a guest repeat factor any hotel would be jealous of. It just needed to add more dynamics to its strategy. This is where Xotels comes in. With our international experience in revenue management and online distribution of hotels we will be able to raise REVPAR and GOPPAR quickly for them.’


Remko West finishes ‘It is yet another property addition in a short time in our vast growing hotel management portfolio of revenue management services and outsourcing. Our expansion in Europe is moving along quite rapidly. Additionally we are now getting hotel management requests for properties in Asia, Africa and the USA.’