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RGI - Revenue Generation Index

What is the meaning / definition of RGI in the hospitality industry?

RGI stands for: Revenue Generation Index.

RGI compares your hotel's RevPar to the average RevPar in the market. It is used to determine if a hotel is gaining a fair share of revenue compared to its compset.

Room Block

What is the meaning / definition of Room Block in the hospitality industry?

A Block Booking refers to a group of rooms reserved for a specific customer -- usually for a set period of time.

Room Inventory

What is the meaning / definition of Room Inventory in the hospitality industry?

There are perhaps two questions to consider here: 1) What is room inventory? And 2) Why is room inventory so important to hotels large and small across the world?

Well, in simple terms, room inventory is basically a calculation:

The number of rooms a hotel has MINUS the amount of rooms sold
= the number of rooms available for a particular day

Room Type

What is the meaning / definition of Room Type in the hospitality industry?

In Hospitality, the days of a hotel only offering guests standard rooms for reservations are long gone! Nowadays, there are myriad room types and suites at hotels around the world – a delightfully eclectic selection – meaning that any size of group and most preferences can be catered for.

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