British Hospitality Association

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British Hospitality Association

What is the meaning / definition of British Hospitality Association?

The British Hospitality, also known as BHA, is a non-government British association that represents organisations in the hospitality industry. Organisations include hotels, restaurants and food providers.

The BHA mission is to promote the hospitality sector so members are noticed and treated fairly, to protect and provide advice on commercial interests and prevent restrictive legislation or taxation.

The association’s headquarters is located in London, but has a number of committees throughout the United Kingdom. The committees meet on a regular basis to discuss current activities and challenges that are or could become negative to workers and employers in the hospitality industry. All positions are voted for by BHA members and can be any size.

To gain a membership to BHA, potential members must be located within the United Kingdom and be in the hospitality industry. Through membership, members gain free association publications, attend BHA events for free, updates on legislation that affects the hospitality industry, free webinars and discounts to other establishments and services.

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