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What is the meaning / definition of Hospitality?

The term hospitality describes the service provided from a host, staff member or business to its guests. In modern times this also refers to the industry of providing housing or service to paying customers. On the other hand, historically this meant that the services provided by a host were done out of goodwill. Hospitality also translate to Latin as “friendliness to guests” which resonates effectively through the use of this word.

People that provide or offer hospitality need to be friendly and make guests feel comfortable and welcomed. Hospitality can be performed in any place where a service is provided. Well-known examples of this in the hospitality industry are hotels, theme parks and restaurants, but can be done in any service focused establishment. Many customers expect a certain level of hospitality depending on the price and quality of a hospitality business. Therefore, in the hospitality industry, it is important that staff have hospitality in their services and actions involving customers.

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