What is the meaning / definition of Hotel Operator?

The position Hotel Operator, also known as general manager, hotel manager or hotelier refers to the employee responsible for the day to day activities at (independent) hotels, resorts, hostels or motels. In other cases, the term can be used to refer to a Hotel Operator Company.

Hotel Operators must meet a number of requirements to excel at this job. To become a hotel operator often a bachelors degree in hotel/hospitality management is required or multiple years of work in the industry in different positions of the hierarchy.

Hotel operators are notoriously famous for having to work during odd hours, such as late nights and early mornings as well as days such as holidays, when most people are enjoying their leisure time with their families. Being a hotel managers require excellent people, leadership and management skills. The social aspect of the job becomes highly important, due to the fact that hotel managers must work with two parties at the same time and be able to satisfy both the needs of guests, as well as of employees. This relation requires a strict set of values, that guide decision making in high pressure situations.

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