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What is the meaning / definition of Hotel?

A hotel is an establishment which purpose it is to host guests over-night.

The property is fitted with multiple rooms each suited with beds, duvets, cushions, a bathroom and everything else required for lodging a guest.

The amenities offered vary from property to property, but all is aimed to cater towards the needs and wants of the customer.

The service / product offered is related to the price paid and sometimes not only the room night is included in the price but also access to restaurants, spas, swimming pools, meeting rooms, business centres, childcare and maid service. Though what and how much is included varies from hotel to hotel.

Prices of a room rental depend on factors such as location, the surrounding market, quality of the hotel, hotel room size, quality and policy. There are also several different types of hotels. Some examples are resort, city, boutique, lifestyle and chain hotels.

Many governments require extra facilities in order to to be designated the name of "hotel". For example, the UK require all hotels to have food and drink outlets to be considered a hotel. Most governments require a certain amount of space to be consider a hotel or require rooms to be a certain size.

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