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Hotel Asset

What is the meaning / definition of Hotel Asset in the hospitality industry?

All property fully owned by the hotel can be described as a Hotel Asset. Common hotel assets are the hotel itself, equipment, furniture and food items. Assets can appreciate or depreciate in value over time, its therefore important to track and record in order to know the financial situation of the hotel.

Also to be prepared for company liquidation or bankruptcy. Depending on the hotel, its size and other factors, the hotels assets may be managed by the accounting department of a hotel or an asset management department/company. For example, in larger hotels its assets are managed by a separate department, but in a small hotel its assets are managed by the accounting department.

Usually a Design Hotel is a modern, contemporary and cutting-edge. Often minimalistic and angular. Both exterior and interior design has to be high style. Most Design Hotels are luxury hotels. Sometimes the are owned by a fashion designer (or fashion design houses).

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