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Modified American Plan

What is the meaning / definition of Modified American Plan or MAP in the hospitality industry?

The term Modified American Plan (MAP), refers to a booking option that includes the room night, a free breakfast and a second meal either lunch or more typically dinner. This option is offered for multiple reasons. One of which being that it allows hotels to offer more price conscious guests and families the ability to anticipate their costs.

Furthermore, if the hotel is not in the vicinity of other restaurants the Modified American Plan allows customers to ensure two meals a day at an attractive price not available in other locations. The free meals are validated at the hotel’s restaurant or sometimes at nearby establishment in partnership with the hotel.

Therefore, this also increases the amount of traffic that comes to and from the restaurant. Another hotel perk of this plan is that the price of the two meals is automatically charge in the rate of the room during the stay, this means that if the guest does not have the planned meal the charge for the meal is already calculated and earned by the hotel.

Closely, related is the American Plan which includes a rate that covers three meals each day. This plan is more popular among cruise ships and all-inclusive resorts.

In Europe and some other countries, the Modified American Plan may be referred to as half-pension or half-board.

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